Relief & Community Development

It’s easy to say the statistics (5.6 million Syrians have fled, 6.1 million are internally displaced) but each number has a name and every name has a story. We call them by the term “refugee”. But those near call them mom, sister, brother, or friend.

For many of them, their situations have no easy solutions.

Now is not the time for the Church to be numb to these people who are deeply loved by God.

We currently partner with Resurrection Church, a local church in Beirut, Lebanon, that is serving the needs of hundreds in need on a daily basis through food, housing, education programs, and medical programs.


Heavenly Father, we pray for all who are in need that have and are fleeing for their lives. We pray that they do not lose hope in-spite of what they might feel and think. May the church be fully equipped to respond, love and meet their every need.

To provide aid, you can help our partners serve by donating to their cause today.

Arab World Outreach