New Local Churches

We have seen the local church respond in incredible ways throughout church history and it is no different today in the Arab world. We have seen churches start new ministries that help provide needs of refugees even when their own lives may seem in chaos. We have seen pastors and leaders stand up, in-spite of radical movements and choose to remain and provide education programs in their church.

We have seen the church doing what it does best: love people radically.

There are networks of churches across the Arab world that are raising up, discipling, and training new church leaders that now feel called to start new churches and ministries.

We believe in them deeply and want to see the global church partner alongside them.


Heavenly Father, your Spirit is the secret power behind the church and we pray the local church would always remember this. We pray for new church leaders and ministries that are coming out of what you are already doing in the Arab world. We ask that you build upon this and help mobilize your global church to partner with fellow believers so that these communities can be a light for all in need. Amen

To help launch new churches, consider donating to our church planting fund that helps assist within these networks.

Arab World Outreach