We firmly believe the church is designed to be light to the word. Because of this conviction, we are passionate about equipping and mobilizing the local church to serve local Arab population nearby. We want to partner with your church to help you build meaningful connections in Arab communities.


Starting a new ministry is already challenging enough. To start one in a new culture, and potentially among a religion you don't know much about can be even more of a challenge. We want to help. Through trainings, consultations, and much more, we want to set your church up for success as it begins reaching out to the Arab community.


The Arab World can be seen as a confusing place as we watch at a distance. We want to help build meaningful connections in Arab communities and share why it's so important for the church to join the movement. We believe we are called to stand in the gap as intercessors and peacemakers.


Whether you're starting an English conversation circle or a refugee relief ministry, we want to help you by giving you resources we have found beneficial.