Our New Initiative: Welcome Home

We’ve been hard at work this year getting a brand new initiative going on your behalf. And we’re excited to officially let you know about it!

Again and again we hear of individuals who migrate from the Arab world and bring with them very little, and far too often, nothing at all. Many of these people are fleeing war, poverty, and persecution with the hopes of finding a new place to call home. And once they arrive they are met with many obstacles to make home a reality.

Who better to fill in the gap than the local church, right? That’s what we thought too. 

Which is why we’ve intentionally chosen to call this initiative Welcome Home. 

It’s aim is to see the local church welcoming Arab migrants and helping make their transition as easy as possible. It’s an opportunity to show them we care, we see them and we want to help.

What we have done is actually quiet simple. We have rented a very large, very empty storage unit and will be coordinating a unified effort between churches across the U.S. to fill this thing up with basic household needs and furniture. We have also already been coordinating with local churches (we already have two that have joined in!) throughout Dearborn and Metro-Detroit that will be utilizing these supplies to serve the communities that are already within their reach. We will be facilitating the supplies and demand side of the operation so the local church can focus on doing what it does best—loving their neighbor.

As we take steps forward, we’ll keep you in the loop with how things are going with this new initiative.

Arab World Outreach