The Story You Haven't Heard Yet (And A New Partnership)

We’ve all heard about the challenges facing Syria and Iraq today. We’ve heard about the pain and the suffering of men, women and children alike. We’ve heard stories of people fleeing for their lives and some of us have even seen videos and pictures of things we wish we could look away from. But in shock, we can’t seem to turn our eyes away from the screens.

The story we haven’t heard much about is what the local Church is doing in response to this ongoing crisis.

Over the past year we’ve been in communication with local churches inside of the conflict zones and in surrounding countries nearby. And to be honest, it’s been inspiring to hear their stories of compassion and endurance.

Which is why I’m excited to finally announce a new partnership we have recently formed with an incredible church community located in Beirut, Lebanon. So far, Lebanon is hosting about 1.5 million refugees from Syria and the number keeps increasing by the day. And our new partners in Beirut are currently serving more than 500 refugee families through educational, physical and spiritual needs.

We have already began allocating resources to begin helping support our new partners. But the resources still remain limited, so we have set up a special fund that is designated to aid these ministries that are working directly with refugees in Lebanon.

Arab World Outreach