Gathering Hosts House Party

They say laughter is a universal language. And that’s exactly what you would have seen had you walked into the home of one of our Gatherings this past weekend. 

Our Gatherings are where things happen.  We are committed to living life together, with Jesus, and on mission. Living on mission means we are always looking for innovative and practical ways to engage the community around us.  

Did you know that 80% of international students will return to their homes having never been invited to an American home? In fact, only 10% of international students are reached by ministries while in the U.S. 

So we decided to extend our hospitality by hosting a house party.

Expectations were low when only one person had sent a RSVP despite distributing almost 40 invitations.  After sitting and waiting for an entire hour, we thought no one was going to come.

But God showed up.

A couple students knocked on the door. They called some of their friends, who called some of their friends, and so on.  Before long there were 26 people from different cultures, speaking different languages, all crammed into a tiny apartment living room.  All having fun. 

“We wanted to create a safe environment to talk about life, culture, and even faith,” said one Arab-Muslim student. And that’s exactly what happened. By the end of the night everyone was passing around a piece of paper collecting names and numbers so we could all stay connected.

Real friendships started forming that night.  Connections were made.  Walls were broken down.  And Jesus was at the center. 

Arab World Outreach