Do You Love Boldly?

Many things have changed since we first began, but one thing has held true as we’ve taken each step in this adventure: that loving boldly is never a mistake. Love is a powerful motivator. It casts out fear and it see’s hope in times of limited odds. It’s bold love that changes lives and transforms communities. It’s bold love that encourages people and gives hope in times of need. As Christians, we believe that bold love is the things that motivated the life, ministry and ultimately the crucifixion of Jesus. And therefore, our message is one of bold love.

Just to prove my point, it's because you’ve chosen to love boldly that five migrant families were served through our Welcome Home Initiative during April. They traveled the world, through unimaginable feats and found their way into our arms, where we could serve them when they needed it most. 

And as we've taken steps forward in our Welcome Home Initiative, a local church heard about what people like you wanted to see take place in a city like Metro-Detroit and it inspired them to give us their Bus Garage as a space to expand our inventory. They even recruited volunteers to take a day cleaning up the garage and making room for us to move in this month. This amazing act will now free us up financially to make an even greater impact locally and around the world.

It’s because of bold love that our friend Eli, joined our team and will be traveling to help a local church serve the influx of Syrian refugee’s in Beirut this summer! He actually leaves in just a few weeks!

It’s because of bold love that we were inspired to host our upcoming Dinner Party between our local Christian and Muslim neighbors, simply to get together, share in conversation, ask one another real questions, and find ways we can be serving one another's communities better.

Let’s all get out their and show the world some love. And be bold while doing it!

Marion Clifton