The Art Of Opposition

Talking to people you fundamentally disagree with can be challenging. For us, we find ourselves doing it on a daily basis with people who have now become some of our closest friends. You might think it's an art or a detailed science beyond your grasp, but the reality is that if you just apply a few principles it helps out a lot.

If we consider ourselves followers of Jesus, we're called to be peace makers not trouble makers. It's a fundamental part of Jesus' teachings to facilitate conflict resolutions, reconciliation and restoration.

So how do we do that?

We've previously mentioned our new ministry, Bread & Salt. One of the resources that comes with this is a set of principles that guide people through through topics when people have very different ideas. Though these were designed for Christian-Muslim relations specifically, these guidelines also apply to every day use when talking to people with different opinions or different religious backgrounds.

Whether it's in the break room, at the gym, or on social media, try a few of these principles out next time you find yourself in a conversation that can seem heated or taboo. 

Dialogue Guidelines.jpg

We would love to hear your stories on how these conversations go! Let us know by emailing us at

Marion Clifton