3 Ways You Can Pray For Syria

Most of the time when you hear the word anniversary, you think of something positive. You think of celebrating another year gone by with success. You have images in your mind of parents or grandparents that may soon celebrate many years of marriage. 

Today marks the fifth year of the Syrian Civil War. It marks a total of 4.8 million refugees. It marks the total of a quarter of a million deaths. 

It is tragic and it is painful. Today shouldn’t go unrecognized but by many people it will. Whatever your political position is on the issue, I think we can all agree that there is so much brokenness and pain that has come from this conflict. And I think we can both agree that this needs to end now. 

So what can I do to help?

Pray. Prayer is one of the greatest resources we have to solving the issues in Syria. We believe that God is greater than any conflict in this world. 

Here are 3 ways you can be praying for the Syrian Civil War today:

  1. Pray for the leaders. The Bible calls us to pray for those that are in leadership positions. I don’t know of a better time that they would need our prayer than during a time of war. Pray that God would give them wisdom and strength to make the best decisions. Pray that God would calm their stress. Pray that God would give them clarity. 
  2. Pray for the refugees. Many refugees don’t know when or if their basic needs will even be met. Being exposed to the elements with limited resources can be highly dangerous. Pray these people would find shelter, food, and water. Pray for safe passage. But above all, pray for peace of mind. 
  3. Pray for the hearts. War starts in the heart long before it gets to the end of the gun barrel. Pray for peoples' hearts. Pray that love is seen as something stronger. Pray that forgiveness is seen as the solution. 

This may not feel like much but I can assure that your prayers are making all the difference. Even though these issues seem overwhelming, God is at work! Though many have lost their homes, there are many that have been given shelter. Though there are many still in conflict, there are many that have found peace. We believe there is hope for Syria!

Join us in praying regularly for the Arab world by letting us know below.

Marion Clifton